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This is a resource for consumers looking to either purchase a heat pump for their home or replace an old heat pump with a new and improved model. In the pages within this site, you will find an easy to understand guide to the world of heat pump products. We explain the main types of heat pumps, identify and compare the top heat pump brands, provide a list of common services related to heat pumps, summarize the primary costs associated with purchasing, installing and maintaining a heat pump and describe where to go to buy a new or replacement heat pump product.  

Our goal is to distill the most important information concerning heat pumps and then provide it to you in a simple and easy-to-follow format. You do not need to know anything about heating and cooling systems in general or heat pumps in particular to be able to understand and benefit from the information presented in this site. We hope you find it useful! To get to the information, please click here:
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